Son Of God Movie HD Wallpapers

Origin Of The Movie

Last year, the History Channel aired a mini-series called “The Bible”, executive produced by husband and wife Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (who also played Mary, Jesus’ mother). The mini-series was nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys and received high audience ratings. “Son of God” is the Jesus section of that mini-series, brought to large screens in the hopes of finding an even wider audience.

About The Movie

Unlike Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ, which focused on Jesus’ arrest, torture, and death, “Son of God” takes us through Jesus’ life from its humble beginnings in the barn, to the gathering of his followers, his march to Jerusalem, and all of the miracles he performed along the way. Watch Jesus multiply the loaves and fishes and walk on water and raise Lazarus from the dead.

When Jesus (played by Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado), first approaches the fisherman Peter (Darwin Shaw), loading up his boat in the dead-calm Sea of Galilee, Jesus smiles knowingly at Peter. Peter tells him there are no fish out there, and Jesus runs his hands through the water and Peter’s net is filled with fish.Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-01 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-02 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-03 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-05 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-06 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-07

Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-09 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-10 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-11


Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-15 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-16 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-17 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-18 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-19 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-20 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-21 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-22 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-23 Son-Of-God-Movie-HD-Wallpaper-24


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